Our committees are staffed by volunteers – your neighbors at Coolfont. They welcome any assistance with projects and events. If you would like to help, please contact the committee chair.


Chair, Dawne Holz, 703-362-6727; Board Liaison, Dawne Holz, 703-362-6727
Committee Charter

The Communications committee oversees the outreach of the Association. This includes managing the Facebook page to approve new members, post information, and invite new owners. For the Google Group, our Admin works to add new owners, update owner email addresses, and troubleshoot messaging issues. Volunteers administer the CMA website; managing content, updating web software, and posting notices and event information.

Development and Architecture Control Committee (DACC)

Chair, Gary Farmer, 304-258-7102; Board Liaison, Anna Connolly,
Submit applications to:
Committee Charter

The DACC provides guidance to owners on building and renovating their CMA property. Owners can submit applications for approval via email. See the full documentation on Design Guidelines page. The committee is also available to answer questions prior to submitting an application.


Chair, Dawne Holz, CMA Treasurer, 703-362-6727; Board Liaison, Dawne Holz, 703-362-6727
Committee Charter

The Finance Committee is led by the CMA Treasurer and ensures that the Association lives within its means. Each summer, the Committee formulates the following year’s budget for approval by the Membership at the Annual Membership Meeting in September. They also oversee the Reserve Study and make recommendations to the Board for implementing scheduled Reserve projects in the community.


Co-Chair, Mark Johnson, 410-371-8687; Board Liaison, Norm Rosenberg (confirmation pending)
Co-Chair, Shelly Drasal, 443-802-5645
Committee Charter

The Firewise USA┬« program provides a collaborative framework to help Coolfont get organized, find direction, and take action to reduce wildfire risk in the community. Owners can complete a wildfire assessment of their property – or provide permission for volunteers to do this for them. The information helps determine and reduce the risk of wildfires in Coolfont.

Infrastructure Mapping

Chair, Vacant
Committee Charter

The location of CMA assets is vitality important to the management of the Association. This committee is working on creating state of the art GPS mapping of community facilities and assets. If you’re into tech stuff – get involved with this committee!

Neighborhood Watch

Chair, Gary Farmer, 304-258-7102: Board Liaison, Valerie Creason, 703-409-7728
Committee Charter

Our Neighborhood Watch program is a group of CMA owners and residents who work to make our community safer by working together and in conjunction with local law enforcement to reduce crime and improve our quality of life. Volunteers regularly drive through the community to watch for suspicious activity or note possible issues.


Chair, Georgia Lowman, 304-258-8617; Board Liaison, Steve Katz, 304-258-9329
Committee Charter

CMA elects several Board members each year at the Annual Membership Meeting in September. Our Nominations/Elections committee works to identify and inform potential candidates. If you would be interested in volunteering for the Board, please contact Rusty.


Chair, Chris Peabody, 301-466-1136; Board Liaison, Dave Creason, 703-409-6509
Committee Charter

Our Recreation Committee works to advise the Board and community on the use and maintenance of recreational facilities, specifically including the tennis courts, pool, the Barn, the hiking trails, and such additional recreational facilities as may be acquired in the future.


Chair, Jack Wennersten, 202-322-6469: Board Liaison, Jack Wennersten, 202-322-6469
Committee Charter

Our Social Committee establishes and manages a variety of events for owners; summer barbecues, holiday gatherings, and special events. Check the Calendar for upcoming events and information.


Chair, Rosemary Bigelow, 304-258-5352

Once settled in, new owners at Coolfont are contacted by our friendly Welcome Committee. They answer any questions, provide information about the community, drop off a membership directory, and offer friendly conversation.

Water & Sewer

  • Operations Manager/Chair, Cathy Levey, 304-258-5481; Board Liaison, Valerie Creason, 703-409-7728
  • Warm Springs Public Service District, Mon – Fri, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm: 304-258-4118
    All other times: Morgan County 304-258-0305

Our Water & Sewer volunteers provide vital assistance to the community. Their tireless efforts help keep our utility functioning by providing safe, clean drinking water and sewage treatment services. They work closely with WSPSD to ensure proper testing, maintenance, leak detection, repairs, and required reporting services are completed properly and timely. They monitor our reservoirs to maintain adequate pressure and water supply to Coolfont homes and regularly check the treatment system for proper operation.