Contractor Opportunities

CMA will post information here about Requests for Proposals (RFPs) or contracts open for bid.

Wastewater Feasibility Study – Engineering Consulting Services

 The Coolfont Mountainside Association, Inc. (“Association” or “CMA”) Board of Directors is seeking proposals from qualified individuals or firms licensed to work in West Virginia (“Engineer”) to provide engineering services for a Feasibility Study to determine the best possible wastewater system/solution for the Coolfont Mountainside Association. The successful individual or firm may be asked, under a separate Contract to perform a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) on the preferred solution. 

Proposals may be emailed with the understanding that materials must be received by 5 pm EST on Friday, December 10, 2021. Proposals must be emailed to Eric Lienhard, PE at The subject line of the email shall read: “CMA RFP Response – <Individual or Firm Name>” 

Proposals received after the date and time specified shall be considered late and will be rejected. 

Please contact Eric Lienhard at the above email address with questions regarding this solicitation. All questions and the answers to them will be posted here by December 6, 2021. 

Please download and review the 2021 CMA Lagoon Feasibility RFP for full details.

Contractor Questions

No questions yet.

Barn Renovation Project – This opportunity has closed.

The Coolfont Mountainside Association (CMA) is seeking a licensed and insured contractor to complete renovations of an antique Barn. Specifically, repairs are to be made to the “lean to” built on the back side of the barn per the structural engineering report, provided.

The Barn is located at 1411 Mountainside Road, Berkeley Springs, WV. Photos are available at

Contractors must respond with a written quote/estimate for work by 5 pm on Friday, November 5, 2021. Please respond via email with quote/estimate as an attachment or in writing via USPS. Quotes received after the deadline will not be considered.

Please download and review the CMA Barn Renovation Project Request for Quotation for full details.

Contractor Questions:

  1. Do you happen to know the species of the timbers to be replaced, aside from locust exterior posts? (Pine, oak, etc?)
    Unfortunately, due to the age of the barn, we do not know what wood species was originally used. If we can locate any information, it will be added here.
  2. Is there power and water onsite (for tool use and mortar mixing/cleanup)?
    Yes, there is both water and electric power on site that the contractor may use. The site is on septic, so contractor must not put any construction waste down any drains. Note: This facility is not heated, therefore, water is turned off during months where temperatures are below freezing. There is water available year round at a nearby facility (HOA Office, approx .1 mile). 
  3. Are inspections necessary for this project scope? (Footer, rebar, framing)? If so, who inspects, and what building codes apply?
    Work should be done in accordance with National Building Codes. No Morgan County inspections are required.
  4. Is it acceptable/secure to leave tool trailer(s) onsite for the duration of the project?
    Yes, contractor’s trailer may be left onsite, including overnight, during active construction period only.
  5. What hours are contractors permitted to work on this project?
    The community has strict noise restrictions. Loud power tools and construction noise is not permitted before 7 am, after 5pm, or on weekends or holidays.