The following list of services are available for CMA owners. These are contractors the CMA has hired to provide these services in the community. When possible, please use the NON-emergency numbers.

Site Manager

Mountain Home Real Estate manages CMA’s common area property, to include:

  • Roads – paving, gravel, grading, ditches, culverts
  • Barn – general upkeep and maintenance
  • Sports courts – general upkeep, weeding, fences, nets
  • Common property maintenance – trees, signs
  • Tree removal – blocked roads, common area hazards

If you see something that needs attention, please contact MHRE. Please remember to provide your name, lot number, and phone in case they need to respond to your request.

Please keep in mind management of anything on an owner’s lot is the responsibility of the owner. This includes structures, driveways, trash bins, trees, utilities, and water/sewer lines.

Mountain Home Real Estate
Stephanie Rebant
304-258-0410 or 304-258-5300

After Hours Emergency: 304-582-2654


Morgan County Sheriff non-emergency contact phone number: (304) 258-0305

For local law enforcement should any concerns, such as noise issues after 11:00 p.m. arise. As a community, we have always had a history of being able to resolve matters neighbor to neighbor, however it is helpful to have the number in event of an exception.

Snow Plowing

The CMA has contracted with Pentoney Brothers Contracting for snow plowing services for 2023-2024. If you have issues with plowing on your street, please contact the Site Manager, listed above.

During a snow event, please be sure to park vehicles in your driveway so the contractor can plow the community roads.

Owners may contact Pentoney Brothers Contracting at 304-258-9001 for information about plowing their driveway at the owner’s expense, understanding that all CMA roads will be completed before driveways will be plowed.

Water & Sewer Service

CMA resident, Cathy Levey, serves as the contact between the Association and and its contractor, Warm Spring Public Service District (WSPSD). She is also the point of contact for owners concerning water usage or questions. If you have issues with the water system, please contact Cathy at (304) 258-5481 or (410) 718-6716.

Otherwise, WSPSD manages the CMA water system, including daily testing and water treatment, general oversight, alarm response, maintenance, and repairs.  You will see WSPSD staff onsite daily performing water/sewer contracted duties.

If you have questions about your water/sewer quarterly bill, please contact CMA’s bookkeeper, Brenda Close, at 304-258-4742.

Warm Springs Public Service District

When calling, please state your name, address, lot number and the nature of the problem.

  • Weekdays, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm: (304) 258-4118
  • All other times (weekends, holidays and after duty hours), Morgan County non-emergency: (304) 258-0305