When are assessments due?

CMA assessments are due on January 1 of each year. Assessments are paid annually. Invoices are sent to each owner at the end of December.

CMA provides a 30-day grace period after which assessments are overdue and a late fee will be imposed. Outstanding balances also incur monthly finance charges. Late fees and finance charges are outlined in the CMA Delinquent Assessment Policy, available in the Documents section of the website.


Where do I find the Pool Hours and Rules?

The Community Pool is for the use of CMA owners, tenants, and their guests. It is open from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend. The pool is open every day, with longer hours on the weekend. The pool may be closed due to weather or for other reasons when appropriate. Normally, pool closures are announced on the CMA Google Group or Facebook page.

A valid pool pass is always required for admittance into the pool facilities. Pool passes will be checked each time a member and guests are admitted to the pool facility. Only one pass is required for each group (not individual passes per person).

For information on current hours and procedures, please review the annual Pool Rules and Instructions.

Do I need a Pool Pass? Where do I get one?

The CMA Community Pool is for the use of CMA owners, tenants, and their guests. A valid pool pass is always required for admittance into the pool facilities. Pool passes will be checked each time a member and guests are admitted to the pool facility. Only one pass is required for each group (not individual passes per person).

Please present your pool pass to the attendant upon entry.

Each home is provided two passes (one as back up). If you recently purchased your home and were not provided with passes by the previous owner – or you have lost both pool passes – please contact the CMA Site Manager for replacement passes. There may be a small fee to replace lost pool passes.


What can I do about noise issues?

Residents seeking relief from excessive noise should contact the property owner to report their concern. Contact information is available in the CMA Membership Directory.
Certainly, noise issues between 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. can be reported to the Sheriff’s non-emergency number: 304-258-1067. See Morgan County Excessive Residential Noise Ordinance.


Do I need to identify my house and lot number?

Each home in CMA should have signs showing the street address (house number) and the lot number. This helps delivery trucks, visitors, service companies, and others easily find your home.

If your address and lot signs are missing, you can arrange to have new ones made. Craig Deane, a CMA resident, has made most of the signs in the community. You can contact him at c.c.deane@gmail.com. You can also make your own, or order them from a sign company.

The signs should be conspicuous from your street, but should not be mounted to a tree. Please use a post to display the signs.

Many residents have unusual or custom made signs with their house name, address, and lot number. (You may have seen the very nice wooden signs at La Verdad, Lot O-4 near the CMA entrance, or Aloft, Lot K-4 on Bobcat Dr.). If you want to install a custom sign, please get DACC approval in advance.

What colors are allowed for exterior paint on my house?

You can find information about exterior paint colors in the Regulations and Guidelines for Building at Coolfont in Section II.A.3 (on page 4):

Exterior Colors. The colors of all exterior finishes shall be natural or earth shades of gray or brown with values intermediate between black and medium grey, or shades of grey, green or brown-green with values between black and medium. Colors shall be selected for harmony with natural environment rather than any strong contrast. Colors for all exterior elements (doors, windows, door and window trim, shutters, soffits, parging, siding, roofing, railings, and all wood trim, etc.) shall be included on the approval sheet, with samples provided…

Can I appeal a denial of my DACC application?

While the DACC will work closely with owners on the approval for modifications to their property, sometimes there are requested changes that do not meet the current guidelines. Owners who receive a denial of their application may appeal the decision to the Board of Directors. Owners must notify the DACC of their request for appeal. The DACC will provide the original application and explanation for denial to the Board Secretary for inclusion at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting. Owners are encouraged to attend that meeting. The Board’s decision will be provided to the owner and a DACC.

I’d like to install a new roof in a color that is not allowed. However, I see other homes with this color roof. Can I use this color?

Unfortunately, no. There may be other homes that are not in compliance. Certain design features may have been approved at a time they were allowed and have been maintained in that condition, which is allowed. Any change in exterior appearance must be approved by the DACC.

I’m repainting my house the same color. Do I need to submit an application?

No, if the appearance of your home is not changing then there’s no need to submit an application to the DACC. This applies for most changes to the exterior of your home.


What address do I use for mail delivery?

All USPS mail sent to your Coolfont home must be addressed to your street address and you must have a CMA-assigned mailbox. Do not use just a Lot number or CMA Mailbox number – USPS will not deliver mail without a street address.

123 Bobcat Drive, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
55 Mountainside Court, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411

You can include your lot number, but it should follow your street address.

123 Bobcat Drive, Lot K-21, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
55 Mountainside Court, Lot N-14, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411

Please pay close attention and use the correct road type: Drive, Court, Lane, Loop, Terrace, etc. Particularly if you live on Mountainside XXXX or Bobcat XXXX.

If you have questions about your mailing address, contact the Berkeley Springs Post Office at 304-258-1424.

How are mail and packages delivered?

Mail Service

US Postal Mail is delivered to the CMA mailbox facility near the tennis courts. Mailboxes are assigned to houses on a first come, first served basis. There is a one-time fee for a mailbox, but once assigned it permanently stays with the house. If you just purchased your home, you may want to check with the previous owner to determine if they already had a mailbox and if they can provide the key(s). Owners can also rent a POBox at the Berkeley Springs Post Office, just north of downtown.

Package Delivery

Package delivery services such as FedEx and UPS will deliver packages to your house. We recommend you include your lot number along with your street address (i.e., 123 Bobcat Drive, Lot K-21, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411).

If packages arrive by USPS, you must have a CMA-assigned mailbox or a POBox at the Berkeley Springs Post Office. This includes packages shipped via FedEx SmartPost (FedEx packages that transfer to USPS for delivery).

For CMA mailbox holders, the Postal Carrier will place the package in one of the Parcel Lockers and put the locker key inside your mailbox. If the package is too large for a locker, they will put it in the CMA wooden box and leave a note in your mailbox.

If you need a CMA mailbox, please contact the CMA Treasurer or Bookkeeper.

Animals have spread my trash everywhere! How do I get this cleaned up?

It is the owner’s responsibility to maintain proper trash receptacles and arrange for timely disposal to avoid animals getting into the trash. Despite best efforts, bears can be relentless and may outsmart your trash bin. If this happens, owner’s must clean up the trash as soon as possible.

If you are an absentee owner, you may be notified by the Site Manager or a CMA volunteer about an animal-induced trash blowout on your property. We kindly ask that the trash be cleaned up within 24 hours to avoid further spread of debris. If you – or your rental agency, if appropriate – cannot address this within a day, you should contact the Site Manager to make arrangements for clean up. You will incur a fee for this service.

How do I arrange for regular trash collection?

CMA does not collect trash from owners’ properties. Owners must arrange for their own trash disposal. This may include hiring a trash collection contractor or hauling out your own trash. Some rental management agencies may take care of trash for your rental property (be sure to check on this with the agency). It is the owner’s responsibility to make sure all trash is properly collected and disposed.

Many owners contract with Apple Valley Waste for trash collection. They will come once a week (usually Tuesday) and pick up bagged trash from a trash receptacle. They come early in the morning, so you may want to put trash out the night before. It is the owner’s responsibility to arrange for a proper, bear-resistant receptacle. You can contact AVW at 304-724-1834.

If you need a trash receptacle, you can purchase one from Craig Deane or Holly Malcomb. Both can provide wooden bins that are “mostly” bear resistant.


How do I get Internet service at my house?

There is no wired broadband (fiber) service in our community, though there are a few options:

  • Frontier Communications offers DSL service which will provide voice and/or Internet service. However, the current maximum speed is 12Mb/1Mb using a bonded pair configuration.
  • Some satellite companies (DirecTV, Dish) may provide Internet service in the area, but the dense tree cover may interfere with reception.
  • Verizon, AT&T, and TMobile (possibly others) offer wifi solutions (mifi, hot spot, etc). CMA recommends you check the signal strength at your home before you commit to a contract/company as signal strength can vary widely around the community.

How do I report a power outage?

While not common, electric outages do occur on the Mountainside. If your power goes out, first check to see if it’s just your house or includes your neighbors. Look outside at other homes to see if any lights are on. You can also post a question on the Google Group to ask if others have lost power.

Report it! Let Potomac Edison (subsidiary of First Energy) know that your power is out. The more owners that report the outage, the faster repairs are addressed.

  • Call the toll-free, 24-hour Outage Reporting Line at 888-544-4877, or
  • Report your outage online, or
  • Report your outage via text message. Text REG to 544487 (LIGHTS) to get started

If you have numerous outages, you should contact Potomac Edison (First Energy) and let them know. They may investigate the reason for numerous outages.

If you do not hear from Potomac Edison within a reasonable amount of time or you are not satisfied with their response, you can file a complaint with the WV Public Service Commission.

Water & Sewer

Can I get an adjustment on my water/sewer bill due to a water leak?

Water and Sewer bill adjustments are provided for qualified leaks during the previous quarter. Adjustments must be requested within 30 days of the invoice date. Adjustments will be made in accordance with the CMA Water & Sewer: Leak Adjustment Policy.

Excerpts from Policy:

  • Owners who receive quarterly water bills for more than double their normal usage, may apply to the Association for a leak adjustment. “Normal usage” is defined as the average usage for the preceding four quarters of billing.
  • Owners will be provided a Leak Adjustment only once in a 12-month period.
  • Leaking commodes, dripping faucets, malfunctioning appliances and similar situations shall not constitute leaks which entitle the customer to a recalculated bill.
  • Please read the full policy for all conditions required to request a leak adjustment to your bill.

When can I expect to receive my Water/Sewer bill?

Water and Sewer meter readings are done each quarter: usually March 1, June 1, September 1, and December 1. You will receive your bill a week or so later by USPS mail or email (depending on your requested delivery method). Payments are due 20 days from the date of the invoice. Overdue bills are assessed a 10% late fee in accordance with the CMA W&S Delinquent Water & Sewer Policy.