How do we get a CMA mailbox?

CMA provides mail delivery units (near sports courts) as a convenience to our owners. CMA bears the costs for installation and maintenance of the units. Owners pay a one time fee to help offset the cost of the unit. CMA has a close working relationship with the local USPS office that delivers our mail and parcels six days a week. 

Owners can request a CMA mailbox by contacting the CMA Board at Someone will get back to you within a few days. Owners are provided with three keys to the mailbox. CMA does NOT maintain any extra keys to mailboxes.

Owners who need access to their mailbox and have lost keys should contact the CMA Board or Site Manager. Someone will contact them to make arrangements for lock and key replacement. Owners can also contact the local USPS office and ask them to hold mail at the local office until repairs are completed. 

Additionally, please do not remove address labels on the outside or inside of the CMA mailbox as these assist the mail carrier for delivery. Again, these boxes are provided as a convenience to our owners. If owners do not comply with regulations, their use of the CMA mail center may be rescinded and they will need to make other arrangements with USPS for mail delivery (ie: paid POBox at Post Office). 

Please note, per USPS, mailboxes are protected by federal law, and crimes against them and the mail they contain are considered a federal offense. Violators can be fined up to $250,000 or imprisoned for up to three years for each act of vandalism.