Are fireworks or firearms allowed in the community?

Fireworks and firearms are strictly forbidden within CMA per CMA Covenants & Restrictions, Article VI, Section 9:

Section 9. Nuisances. No noxious, offensive or potentially dangerous activity shall be permitted on any lot or within the subdivision, including operation of loud motor vehicles of any kind or firearms of any kind, hunting, open fires, loud parties or pets, fireworks or bright external lights. After 11 pm outside activity that can disturb other residents must be kept to an absolute minimum except in case of emergency.

While local law enforcement cannot enforce CMA rules, it can address the issue if it causes a safety concern. If you are concerned about a firearm issue, contact the Morgan County Sheriff’s office to file a report at 304-258-1067 or 911 in an emergency. Please also notify the Site Manager and CMA Board, if possible.

Additionally, the WV Handbook on Laws Relating to Firearms notes:

Except as noted, firearms, concealed or otherwise, are forbidden or restricted by law in … any real property where firearms are prohibited by the owner, lessee, or other person charged with the care, custody, and control of the property. See W.Va. Code § 61-7-14…. (There is no requirement in the law that such property be posted as a “no gun” area.)