Do I need approval to cut down trees?

In short – it depends. First, you must determine if the trees are on your property or CMA common land. If you’re not sure, you can check your property plat and/or locate your property markers. You can also try looking at the Morgan County GIS system (though the imagery (photo) of lands is off about 30’).

Trees on Your Property

If the tree is on your property, it is your responsibility to manage at your expense. Please refer to the DACC Design Guidelines and Building Regulations for information on tree removal (Page 5, Paragraph 12). You may need to submit an application for approval to remove the tree. In short, if the tree is dead, or within 10’ of your home, you may not need an application. It may be prudent to check with the Site Manager or DACC. A list of some tree removal companies is included under Suggested Contractors. It is your responsibility to contract with a tree service, schedule service, and pay the contractor. It is your option to either leave the downed tree on the forest floor, have the contractor haul it away, or cut and stack it for firewood.

Trees on Common Land

If the tree is on CMA common land, the Association is responsible to manage removal at CMA expense. Owners should notify the Site Manager about tree. The Site Manager will determine if the tree should be removed and arrange for removal. Trees downed in common areas are normally left on the forest floor to provide habitat for wildlife.